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Qingdao Yehua Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd is one of the professional manufacturers for plastic machinery, focus on top quality of plastic machinery over 20 years. We started from a small plastic pipe machine factory, but now we have become one of the leading suppliers in China.

  • Plastic Extrusion Machine

    Plastic Extrusion Machine

    Pl astic extrusion machine Hot sale in Qingdao Yehua Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd for plastic extrusion machine. Quality guarantee 12 months; Price reasonable...

  • Plastic Extruder Manufacturers

    Plastic Extruder Manufacturers

    plastic extruder manufacturers 1) Single and double extruder 2) According to customer material and finished product specifications to make 3) Customized for...

  • Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers

    Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers

    plastic extruder machine manufacturers 1) Reasonable price excellent quality 2) Guarantee time will be 12 months 3) Famous brand inverter, temperature and...

  • Plastic Extruder For Sale

    Plastic Extruder For Sale

    plastic extruder for sale According to customer's finished product detail requirement to make. 12 months guarantee Standard export configurations--ABB...

  • Plastic Extruder Machine Price

    Plastic Extruder Machine Price

    plastic extruder machine price Plastic extruder machine price export with standard ABB inverter, Omron temperature, Siemens low voltage units. Plastic...

  • Plastic Extruder Ltd

    Plastic Extruder Ltd

    plastic extruder ltd Excellent quality, good after sales service, quality guarantee, Qingdao Yehua Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is plastic extruder ltd. We...


About Yehua

Our factory located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay, there are Qingdao port for goods transportation and also there are Qingdao airport and high-speed rail for your convenient transportation. Our company has twenty years experience in manufacturing plastic machines, we have standard workshop over 12,000 square meters, we also have a group for plastic machinery design, technology and service.

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