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Chemical Foaming Pp Sheet Equipment Manufacturers Tell You The Performance Of PP Foam Board
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Chemical foaming pp sheet equipment manufacturers tell you the performance of PP foam board

(1) excellent heat resistance. Foamed PS is usually used at 80 ℃, foamed PE only resistant to 70-80 ℃, and foamed PP can withstand 120 ℃. Foamed PP placed at 120 ℃ for 22h, size shrinkage of less than 2%, under the same conditions foamed PE is about 40% shrink. Therefore, foamed PP can be used at service temperatures in excess of 100 ° C.


Chemical Foaming Pp Sheet Equipment

(2) excellent mechanical properties. For example, in Japan's Furukawa Electric Ace Acetate foaming material, its mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear strength are at the highest level of foam; its compressive strength is lower than that of hard PUR and foamed PS, PUR high, that is, with medium compressive strength.

(3) Significant thermal insulation. Foamed PP is the same closed cell structure as foamed PE, so its thermal conductivity will not be affected by moisture. Because of its lower thermal conductivity than foamed PE, with significant thermal insulation, it can be used as advanced insulation materials.

(4) PP foam board has a good resilience, and high impact energy absorption.

(5) PP foam board is chemically resistant than all other foams; oil-resistant, to meet the needs of greasy food packaging.

(6) PP foam board has good stress cracking resistance.

(7) compared with the foam PS, non-toxic gases released when burning.

(8) PP foam board can be recycled.

(9) Degradation performance is obviously better than foamed PS and foamed PE.

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