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Disposal Of Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Disposal of Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line
Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line troubleshooting methods:
    1, plastic pipe surface rough
     Adjust the size of the nozzle set the water pressure, the amount of water required to balance; adjust the vacuum shaping box nozzle angle, so that the pipe cooling evenly; check the die, sizing sets, cutting machines and other hardware exist debris,
    2, the surface appears groove marks
      Check the inner tube is the water, such as water will be just out of the die tube embryo pinching, so that the cavity closed; reduce the internal temperature of the mold; clean and polished mold;
    3, the pipeline appears within the jitter ring
      Adjust the two-chamber vacuum, so that the vacuum chamber is slightly higher than the vacuum before the chamber; check the vacuum seal is too tight; check whether the traction machine jitter phenomenon; check the host out Whether the material is uniform;
    4, no vacuum
      Check the vacuum pump inlet is blocked, such as clogging, with the needle dredge; check the vacuum pump work is normal; check the vacuum pipe has leak; check the core mold clamping screw in the middle of the hole is blocked, such as plug, with fine wire dredge;
    5, pipe outside the garden size tolerance:
      Adjust the size of the vacuum can change the size of the outside garden; adjust the traction speed can change the size of the outer garden;
The Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line is used for the production of PPR pipe. It is designed for high efficiency extruder designed and manufactured by PPR. The screw is designed according to PP-R (C) unique processing performance. The product features of the Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line include such aspects:
1, plasticizing and mixing effect is good, large amount of extrusion and very stable;
2, the use of high drive torque gearbox, heavy load gear, maintenance needs very low;
3, suitable for polyolefin processing basket basket head, access to low melt pressure and low plasticizing temperature, and a very wide range of materials processing;
4, special technical design of the sizing and cooling system to meet the needs of PP-R materials to ensure high-speed production of thick-walled tube roundness stability;
  Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line is our daily production in the application of a wide range of pipe production equipment, so we are more concerned about its production problems, then the Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line with what factors are related to it? The same time as
Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line will be based on the customer's fixed value to the relative configuration, the greatest impact is the size of the motor. Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line output will peak, that is, the peak of the motor
Of course, the higher the configuration of the motor, the higher the cost of the equipment, while the motor configuration is completed to consider the extrusion speed of the mold, the quality of the screw.
Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line pipe features:
1. Non-toxic health: Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line pipe material non-toxic green building materials, no corrosion, no scaling.
2. Corrosion resistance: polyethylene is an inert material, with the exception of a small number of strong oxidants, can withstand a variety of chemical media erosion, no electrochemical corrosion, no corrosion.
3. Easy to connect: Polyethylene pipe is mainly used hot melt connection and fused connection, the pipeline system integration. Has a good resistance to water hammer pressure, and Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line pipe integration of the welded joints and polyethylene pipe on the underground movement and end load effective resistance, greatly improving the safety and reliability of water supply, improve water use rate.