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Extruder's High Performance And Good Quality
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Extruder machine features is the use of heat, pressure and shear, solid plastic into uniform melt and melt into the next process. Melt production involves mixing color masterbatch, additives and blending resin and grinding process. Finished in concentration and temperature of the melt must be uniform. Pressure must be large enough to viscous polymer extrusion. Extruder with a with a screw and barrel of the spiral road do all of the above process. Plastic pellets through the barrel end of the hopper into the barrel, and then through the screw to the other end of the barrel. In order to have enough pressure on screw thread depth drop with increasing distance of the hopper. External heating and in plastics and screw the heat generated due to friction, makes plastic soft and melting.