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Introduction Of Maintenance Method For Plastic Profile Extrusion Line
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Introduction of Maintenance Method for Plastic Profile Extrusion Line
 Plastic Profile Extrusion Line in the course of a long time there will always be some minor problems, then in order to let him return to the best use of the state need to be maintained. Some of these maintenance and maintenance can be carried out in the fault, and some need to run after a period of maintenance. Here we introduce for you.

1 need to regularly check the Plastic Profile Extrusion Line when the pipeline leak and in the long run when the firmware is fast and so on.

2 check the safety of the machine on a regular basis is valid, especially after replacing the mold to check whether the mechanical insurance has been adjusted accordingly. This has a very important role in the safe operation of the entire Plastic Profile Extrusion Line.

3 regularly check the oil filter or filler situation, timely cleaning and replacement, often pay attention to whether the oil pollution and deterioration. When the hydraulic oil into a dark brown odor, it is the performance of oxidation and deterioration, should be updated as soon as possible hydraulic oil; when the hydraulic oil in a small black spots or transparent bright spots, that there are impurities or metal powder mixed, should filter or oil The

4 during the operation of the best plastic out of the extrusion line for several times the maintenance and repair, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, physical examination and so on. A lot of maintenance will ensure that the Plastic Profile Extrusion Line of normal operation.
 Today, the Plastic Profile Extrusion Line is very popular in the production process, whether large enterprises or small and medium enterprises, are hoping to use this new production line to improve production efficiency, while the product accuracy to a certain extent.

In fact, not so simple things, because of the accuracy of the product flexibility and flexibility, have to follow the national standard, so the general manufacturers must purchase the most advanced plastic profile extrusion production line, it has been through the process of more than a dozen In addition to this, there is a need for a lot of auxiliary equipment, including its delivery feeding, feeding, abrasive, extrusion, the process which requires the detection of the sensor for soaking into the cooling water tank process , It is difficult to grasp the degree of expansion, but also need professional equipment to control, in addition, before leaving the factory, Plastic Profile Extrusion Line also taking into account the ink printing links, the company's logo and parameters hit the product On the long time does not fade.

The current Plastic Profile Extrusion Line is fully automated production line, not only to produce a good strength, the appearance is also very good.