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Prospects, Performance Comparison Of UPVC Pipe And PE Pipe
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Application of plastic pipe is still at present mainly in UPVC pipe, there is a historical reason and science. Application of plastic pipe in water distribution system in China is mainly PVC tubes. PE pipe application late, also relatively small. But looking at the application of plastic pipes in the world experience and development, development of PE pipe is faster than UPVC. The State's macroeconomic policies and market environment will stimulate the development of PE pipe, pipe fittings, prospect, is expected in the next few years will gradually over the amount of UPVC pipes. PVC pipe in a certain period, there is a certain market strengths and advantages. Development of PE tubes will eventually catch up, even beyond the PVC pipe, which is the general trend.

1.PVC, status and development of PE pipe

PVC water supply pipe has entered a mature stage of development, product quality and quality are guaranteed, so as to ensure the use of PVC water supply pipe. Early 80 's of the last century, vigorous application of UPVC pipe and has formulated a series of policies, systems, standards, to today, already has a complete set of product standards, testing methods and testing methods, specifications for construction works, etc, and harmonization of product specifications and quality indicators, realize the interchangeability of the product.

Last ten years, with the development and application of PE pipe in water supply industry in Europe, PE pipes began to receive attention. International standards for PE pipes for water supply (ISO4427) was not released until 1996. In 1999, ISO4427 was prepared in China national standard GB/T13663, and released in 2000 the implementation, starting from the second half of 2003, Beijing, water supply, gas supply networks have been using environment-friendly polyethylene (PE pipes).

2. comparison of two pipes mechanics performance

2.1 material strength in normal temperature contrast

PVC materials are significantly higher than those of short-term and long-term strength PE materials.