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Several Factors Restricting Corrugated Pipe Industry In China
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Several factors restricting corrugated pipe industry in Cina


Despite China's corrugated pipe production and sales of the industry as a whole is very impressive, both in the domestic market and the international market is far ahead. But judging from the present industry developments, there are a few major problems lie in the corrugated pipe industry in China on the road of development.

A soaring profit is limited. With prices rising, bellow the general rise in prices of raw materials, production costs rise too rapidly, coupled with rising labor costs, employment, and labor shortage is an acute problem, metal hose company profit margins double the backlog, inputs to the process optimization of capital is limited.

Second, the brand of corrugated pipe industry in China is poor, less competitive in the international market. Because of the low industrial concentration, backward technology, low price competition could not avoid, such domestic large bellows has not yet appeared on the market in a very real sense of international "name brand".

Third, and most small and medium corrugated tube enterprise in traditional industry value chain low-end, technology innovation capacity weak, and production business extensive, equipment level low, professional talent shortage, lack independent intellectual property and brand, main relies on "low cost, and low price, and low profit" participation competition, to timely digest business cost rose factors, not can soon to change development way and adjustment optimization economic structure of reality requirements, competition of fierce constantly eliminated with these small and medium corrugated tube enterprise.

Fourth, weak research and development strength, lack of capital investment. Corrugated pipe industry in China also has introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment, but for lack of digestion and absorption of the technology base of software and hardware support.

Five, the practical application of the brain drain. At present, China is engaged in scientific research work in colleges and universities, many ethical research, patents, papers have a very high level, but works closely with the corrugated pipe production practices do not, theory for the poor ability of the finished product.

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