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The Future Of Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line Market
- Jul 18, 2017 -

The future of Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line market

With the continuous progress of science, the quality of pipe fittings produced is more and more secure. These, it is closely related to the plastic tubing equipment, because the products of the Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line in the present some of the buildings and the related engineering is widely used, and it is affected by the cash production process, so the quality of these plastic tubing has a complete security. Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line will also be more popular in the market.

Not only that, Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line processing of the products is also very important in the chemical building materials, in the whole of the equipment production environment health, environmental protection, so the PVC pipe drainage pipe, PE pipe material feed pipe and advocate material is people essential to life. Moreover, the production cost of this product is also lower, and the quality and low price products can definitely occupy a place in the market.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line structure is unique, the automation degree is high, the operation is convenient, the continuous production is stable and reliable. The Plastic Sheet Extrusion Lines of pipes has moderate rigidity and strength, and has good flexibility, creep resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance and good thermal performance, has become a city gas pipeline and service pipe product of choice for outdoor.

The composition of Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line: the pipe production line consists of control system, extruder, head, cooling system, tractor, planetary cutting device and material turning rack.

Each pipe production line has two extruders. Its main extruder adopts strong conveying bushing and high efficiency screw.

Another smaller extruder is used for the extrusion line

Mould and auxiliaries: the nose to adopt new design the basket of the nose or screw shunt type tube compound head, has convenient adjustment, the characteristics of discharging evenly, sizing set adopt unique slitting process and cooling water ring, to ensure the forming precision of the tube.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line adopts PE efficient screw and slotted cylinder, with strong water jacket cooling, which greatly improves the conveying capacity and ensures efficient extrusion. High torque vertical structural gearbox; Dc drive motor.

It is suitable for the basket compound die of polyolefin processing, which ensures the stability of high efficiency extrusion, and can realize the small stress and high pipe quality of low melt temperature.

The high efficiency double cavity vacuum sizing technique and spray cooling sink are used to improve the yield of pipe and meet the need of high speed production. Using multiple crawler tractor traction is steady, the track by a separate ac servo motor drive, and driven by digital control technology to realize the accurate speed adjustment, in order to achieve high level of synchronization.

With high speed and precise design cutting machine, cutting section is flat and equipped with powerful suction device, which will reduce maintenance work to low.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line has the advantage of less friction heat, material of shear is evener, screw transmission capacity is bigger, plastic granulator material stay in the barrel for long, mixed evenly.

The power of the Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line varies with the screw rod, and the power of the 50 cone double is about 20KW, 65 is about 37KW., the output of the 50-cone double is about 100 to 150KG/H, and the output of the 65 cone double is 200-280kg/H. The output of the single screw is only half.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line is suitable for the processing of general materials.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line is characterized by the processing of thermal stability poor plastic and the blend of materials showed its superiority.