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Supercritical CO2 Foam Sheet Production Line

Supercritical CO2 Foam Sheet Production Line

Superctitical CO2 foam sheet production line The advanced technology with own research and intellectual property right product. The finished product can be applied in car field,package field,aviation field,sports equipment filed, biopharmaceuticals field,selective adsorbents materials,for filter fields,

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Supercritical CO2 foam sheet production line 

1. Extruder adopt two stages extrusion type 

2. Special design screw 

3. Production line foam expansion ratio 5-40 times 

4. Special sealing device 

5. Measuring feeding material to ensure stable extrusion, high precision stable pressure, constant temperature, constant flux injection system (pump precision about + - 0.1%) 

6. Precise machenical protection and carbon dioxide monitoring and alarming system, and oxygen concentrasion alarming system, and special design extrusion die head to provide high nuclearation and can control the speed and time of abscess advanced growth, then adjust the abscess density, size and finished product thickness 

7. Safety, green, environmental protection, low cost are the features of the prodution line, and also the developing trends. 

Applications of sheet of supercritical CO2 foam sheet production line

Clozed and micropore 

1). Car field---as the heat insulation, heat inslation material, new energy car, light weight for weight reduction. 

2). Package field---repeated oscillation, shock, buffering,  high grade packaging, such as liquid crystal, high precision instrument, with the features of reuse. 

3). Aviation, airlines, high speed rail, wind energy source with the strong demands for micropores material 

4). Sports equipment filed,  light weight, energy absorption, repeated shock, such as skiing, sailing, floating equipment, navigation marks, warships, cargo ships, cruise ships, thermal insulation materials. 

5). Food, such as bowls, pots, dishes, meet packages materials 

Opening hole and micropore application for finished product of supercritical CO2 foam sheet production line


1) For food, liquors, sewage separation, absorbents material used in catalyst carrier. 

2) For biopharmaceuticals, medicine substaineed materials

3) Selective adsorbents materials used in the field of silencing, etc.

4) For electronic, battery diaphragm, dielectric material

5) Fresh-keeping packaging for food and fruit and vegetables microporous membrane

6) Used for filters

7) For shoe material and other fields

8) As a new material, microporous materials have been developed rapidly in the medical field as medical packaging and department of orthopedics calibration 

9) With the emergence of the degradation materials, and the improvement of processing technology, the polymer has been enriched.

10) Biocompatibility of materials. Replace petroleum plastics, realize green, sustainable development step by step, the formation of new materials, excellent performance, manual energy development, the application of comprehensive breakthrough. 

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